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Katie Granger

Veterinary Surgeon

Katie Granger
Katie Granger BvetMed MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Since qualifying from The Royal Veterinary College, London 2009, Katie has dealt with a very unusual case indeed. After seeing a dog that was vomiting excessively, surgery revealed that this particular canine was very partial to eating hay, which had become impacted in its stomach.

On further investigation with x-rays, a sewing needle was also seen in the abdomen. Now, how does that familiar saying go ‘finding a needle in a haystack?!’ Joining us in March 2013, Katie has a keen interest in rabbit medicine and surgery, preventative medicine and general surgery.

She has a Minature poodle cross Westie called Basil, and enjoys keeping fit by going to the gym, running, pole fitness and the heady heights of climbing.