Spaying and castration

Neutering your dog or cat

If it is not on your agenda to allow your pet to reproduce, then you may wish to consider neutering your cat or dog, as it has many health and social advantages for pets.


A female dog (bitch) can begin her seasons from six to nine months old. She will have two a year, each lasting three weeks. No matter the size of your dog, she will bleed from her vulva, which unfortunately can be rather messy. The strong scent she also produces will draw much attention from male dogs, which begin to mature from around six months onwards, and can wander off in search of the ‘female season scent’. So you may find quite a gathering of admirers on the walk in the park or on your doorstep, day and night!


A female cat (queen) is infamous for becoming pregnant quickly and very frequently! Their seasons can begin at six months old and happen every three weeks during the spring and summer months. No sooner has she delivered her kittens, she will then almost begin another season and be off to get pregnant again! She is also at risk from fatal disease via close contact with the male cat (tom). He usually matures at around five to eight months old, and begins to spray strong and unpleasant scents to mark and protect his territory. Roaming toms in search of queens will meet and fight viciously, in an attempt to defend their own patch. This can result in major bites, serious scratches, infections and abscesses, all of which are ways of transmitting the potentially fatal Feline Immunol Deficiency Virus (cat aids) and Feline Leukaemia Virus.

Advantages of Neutering

The operation is a routine procedure, and produces a simple answer to so many problems that cats and dogs face from being un-neutered.

For Female Dogs it immediately stops the seasons, the risk of mammary tumours (breast cancer), the potentially fatal pyometra, which is a serious infection of the womb, accidental mating, pregnancies and unwanted puppies. It can also reduce aggressive, excitable or anxious behaviour and roaming in male dogs, plus the risk of testicular and prostate cancer.

For Female Cats it immediately stops the frequent seasons, and pregnancies, litters of unwanted kittens and reduces the risk of mammary tumours. For male cats, it decreases fighting, spraying, roaming and the spread of disease amongst the domestic and stray cat population.

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